What to do in Ubud * Ubud Map

I have been living in Bali for a few months, and I chose to live in the town of Ubud in the center of the island. If you come to Bali, I suggest you to stay there for a few days, to visit countless rice fields, temples and museums. Another important detail is that the weather in Ubud is much cooler than in other parts of the island.

When you come to Bali for the first time, you never really know how to organize your stay and few travelers have the chance to stay for months. If you are looking for a quiet place both rich in culture and nature, this is the place to go. “Ubud ” derives from the Indonesian word “Ubad ” which means medicine. Indeed it is a very soothing town where yoga centers and spiritual retreats blossom. There are many healers, like in the book “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert, which took place here. If you spend a few days in this lovely town, here are some places I suggest to you.

To see in Ubud

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

A Balinese Hindu shrine in the middle of a nature reserve. You can feed the monkeys that are living in this holy forest.

Quick information
Jalan Wenera Warna
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Ubud Palace

The palace of the royal family is accessible to visitors for free. There is a garden of lilies (Pura sawaswati) where performances are held daily at 7:30pm. The schedule is as follows: Legong dance on Mondays, Ramayana Ballet on Tuesdays, Legong and Barong dance on Wednesdays, Paradise dance on Thursdays, Barong dance on Fridays, Legong dance on Saturdays and Legong of the Mahabharata dance on Sundays.

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Jalan Raya ubud

Goa Gajah temple (Elephant Cave)

An archaeological site from the 9th century with a beautiful waterfall.

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Jalan Goa Gajah, Peliatan
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Blanco Museum

Home of the eccentric Spanish artist Antoni Blanco.

Quick information
Jalan Campuhan
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Neka Gallery

Classical and contemporary Balinese painting. There is the Neka Museum at the north of Ubud (Raya Campuhan) and the gallery in the center of the city.

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Jalan Raya Ubud

Wayang (shadow puppets)

A small theater with Balinese music orchestra, where shadow puppets perform the Ramayana every day.

Quick information
Every day at 19:00
Jalan Hanoman

Enjoy it in Ubud

I also drew an English-Indonesian picture dictionary about food and drinks in Bali. It can be useful to order at warungs and restaurants, or read menus. A good way to make friends with Balinese people!

On the go:

Confiture Michèle (Confiture de Bali)

A good humored shop where you can eat crepes (pancakes) with homemade jam made with Balinese fruits.

Quick information
26 jalan gootama
Gelato Secrets

Ice-creams with Balinese flavors. Don’t miss out on the dragon fruit ice-cream, which is absolutely lovely.

Quick information
Jalan Raya ubud
Kopi Coffee

The best coffee I’ve tasted in Bali: Indonesian coffee made the Japanese way.

Quick information
Ubud Market, on the 2nd floor of the main mall.

In a warung:

Abe-Do Organic Warung

An art gallery converted to a warung, that provides local and organic cuisine. Nyoman, the young owner will talk to you about Bali for hours.

Quick information
Jalan Tirta Tawar
Warung Mina

A warung with a nice garden and small pavilions. Specialty of freshwater fish, including local carp (gurami), and other Balinese dishes served in banana leaves.

Quick information
Jalan Gunung Sari 2
Rumah Roda

Nice Balinese cuisine and buffet every Sunday at 7:00pm.

Quick information
24 Jalan Kajeng

Tea time:

Bali Buda

This place is an institution in Ubud ! This restaurant is located just accross from the yoga center Radiantly Alive. You can taste a wide variety of detox juices and other slow food specialties after your yoga class. A real treat for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diet followers. On the right side you will find the store of the restaurant which sells many good organic products.

Quick information
Jalan Jembawan No1

More than a restaurant, a meeting place for raw food fans. The menu is entirely vegan (no meat, no fish, no milk, no eggs) and the food is not cooked. “But what can I eat in a place like this?” you may say. That’s exactly why Alchemy is a magic restaurant…

Quick information
Jalan Penestalan
Warung Alami

A Japanese warung. Do not expect to eat sushi here, because it is more “home style cooking.” Really cozy place! There is a market every Tuesday morning, where you can order an organic basket.

Quick information
Jalan Penestalan

With a view:

Cafe Lotus

A Balinese restaurant overlooking the garden of lilies of the Ubud water Palace, where Balinese dance performances are held every night at 7:30 pm.

Quick information
Jalan raya ubud
Bridges Restaurant

This restaurant has a beautiful view above the river, in the heart of the jungle. There is even a French sommelier ! A lot of creativity and research are put in to the dishes.

Quick information
Jalan raya Campuhan
Murni’s warung

The oldest restaurant in Ubud, along the river with a view of a bamboo forest. Fantastic pastries!

Quick information
Jalan raya Campuhan

Try it in Ubud

To be chic:


A multicolor shop of Japanese style batik: canvas bags, adult and children clothing.

Quick information
Jalan Monkey forest

Beautiful traditional Balinese lace. Simple dresses with hand-embroidered details.

Quick information
Jalan wenera warna
Studio Perak

Silver jewelry with traditional Balinese motifs.

Quick information
Jalan ubud raya
Ikat Batik

Chic and colorful traditional batik.

Quick information
Jalan werena warna

For a good Karma:


Adoption and rehabilitation center for stray dogs in Bali. A place to volunteer or donate.

Quick information
Jalan Raya Hanoman
Threads of life

A shop dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional Indonesian weaving techniques.

Quick information
Jala Kajeng

To fit:

Yoga Barn

A great yoga center offering accommodation, ayurvedic doctors, yoga classes and dance. Do not miss the vegetarian buffet for lunch every Sunday.

Quick information
Jalan raya Pengosekan
Radiantly Alive

A yoga studio in Ubud with a room overlooking the jungle. If you wish, you can train to become a yoga teacher in 200 hours…

Quick information
Jalan Jembawan
The Bodyworks Center

To meet a (true) Balinese healer and be healed by ayurvedic medicine.

Quick information
No25 Jalan Hanoman Padang

Always useful:

Kantor Post

The post office in the city.

Quick information
Jalan Jembawan No1
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Warung Alami’s organic market

Every Tuesday, order your organic basket with local products.

Quick information
Jalan Penestalan
Tuesday at 9:00 am
Pizza Bagus organic Market

Where I buy soap nuts that I use for everything in the house.

Quick information
Jalan raya Pengosekan
Every Saturday from 9:00am
Japanese market

A good place to buy Japanese style bread and other specialties.

Quick information
Jalan nyuhkuning No2 Pengosekan
Every Sunday morning from 9:00am
Coco Supermarket

A supermarket to buy all your grocery in Ubud.

Quick information
Jalan raya Pengoseken
Ganesha Bookstore

A bookstore where you can find new or second hand books. Participate in the “Books for Bali project” by donating your books here, and support reading in Bali.

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Jalan raya