Life in Bali

Recommended places to visit and things to do in Bali. Sophie Kukukita writes about Bali with original illustration.

World Map Art available for poster printing

I am fond of maps and I decided to draw some World Map Art with nail polish. My technique is to recycle nail polish which is too old to be used on the nails. The process (and my drawing technique of marbling) is very simple: I dilute it with acetone and oil to make it easier to spread on the paper, and add extra glitters if needed. Don’t throw away your old nail polishes, it is toxic for the environment; you can use them to paint cool designs with vibrant colours!

What to do in Ubud * Ubud Map

I have been living in Bali for a few months, and I chose to live in the town of Ubud in the center of the island. If you come to Bali, I suggest you to stay there for a few days, to visit countless rice fields, temples and museums. Another important detail is that the weather in Ubud is much cooler than in other parts of the island.

Food and Drink in Bali

Food in Bali is delicious!

I am fond of Indonesian food and especially food in Bali. I don’t think I am the only one, so I illustrated 24 foods and drinks which I am sure you will see often while you visit Bali. It contains useful sentences to order a meal at any Indonesian restaurant or warung.

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