How we found our Balinese Kitten Mimpi

There are days like these where you are running very late. On one particular Saturday, we had something very important to do in Kuta.

Climbing a hill close to Maya Ubud Resort

On the way, near the hotel Maya, a hill was fatal to our scooter.

Motorbike problem while driving

Once past the hill, the throttle didn’t work anymore… and we couldn’t stop the engine!

Gianyar market during midday

Fortunately, we arrived at a little village where a mechanic agreed to fix it immediately. Given that the repair would take an hour, we decided to have lunch. My boyfriend ate noodles with fish by the side of the road. Meanwhile, I went to get myself some fruit at the market.

Local crackers shop in Gianyar market

Suddenly, while passing in front of a shop selling only chips and crackers, I heard a heartbreaking meowing. Nobody was paying attention.

Trapped kitten in a pile of garbage

I got closer and saw that there was a kitten trapped in a plastic bag in a pile of garbage. I could not see it necessarily, but I felt that he was terrorized.

Trying to speak Indonesian in the market

Without a second thought, I asked the salesperson at the cracker shop if she owned this kitten. She told me no. “Can I have it?” I asked. And she told me yes, “If you can catch it.”

Sacrificing my beautiful dress to help a kitten

She actually helped me get the kitten out with a broom because it was getting trapped deeper and deeper beneath the garbage. I did my best to catch it, needless to say as I almost immerged myself completely in a pile of junk.

My hands bitten and scratched by a kitten

I finally managed to catch it and it bit me while screaming. Finally, I had in my hands a tiny kitten, all dirty and skinny. It was a really moving moment for me because when you see a little creature looking so weak, scared and alone, there is nothing that feels more important than protecting it.

How we adopted a Balinese kitten

I came back with the kitten and my boyfriend was like me. Without thinking twice he said, “Let’s bring it back home!“

Riding a motorbike with a cat

That day, we were running very late and we thought we had something very important to do in Kuta. We gave up on this thing and went directly back home. This is how our new adventures with our kitten Mimpi began!

Thank you for reading… to be continueeeeeeeeeed!Story and illustration by Sophie Kukukita