Adventures in the ice cream Archiperago

This is the story of an explorer who travels all around the world looking for adventures and treasures. One day, he arrives in the mysterious Ice Cream Archipelago where he will be confronted to riddles, meet cute fairies, and uncover some delicious recipes with ice cream…


Here is my new fairy-cookbook, inspired by my life in Indonesia. I wrote it for my friend Elie who is the king of ice creams and travels. This fairytale contains many riddles and ice cream flavours, because somehow, I thought it might feed the reader’s brain and belly.

For the drawings, I used coloured pencils and nail polish. I have about 10kg of nail polish at home, that I use both for manicures and illustrations. I bought most of my “treasure” while I was living in Japan. Our small apartment in Tokyo was litterally filled with thousand bottles of nail polish, and my (nice) boyfriend encouraged me in this curious passion. Actually, I often start a “simple” manicure design for myself, and end up painting stories all day long… This is how a nail design turns into a fairytale. Nail polish is the best painting material I’ve ever found to create a magical atmosphere, and I am a bit addicted to glitters and rainbows.

The story is inspired by the different islands I visited while traveling in the vast Indonesian archipelago. I do not know if I’ll ever get the chance to visit the 17,504 islands of the country, in which “only” 7,870 have been named. But in any case, this story happens in some of these micro islands that haven’t been named yet. Those islands with nothing but one or two coconut trees, bathed in turquoise water… might be the kind of place where one can meet a little fairy!

Indonesia explorer and fairy of ice cream