World Map Art available for poster printing

I am fond of maps and I decided to draw some World Map Art with nail polish. My technique is to recycle nail polish which is too old to be used on the nails. The process (and my drawing technique of marbling) is very simple: I dilute it with acetone and oil to make it easier to spread on the paper, and add extra glitters if needed. Don’t throw away your old nail polishes, it is toxic for the environment; you can use them to paint cool designs with vibrant colours!

Drawing World Map Art Japan

Japan is a gradient of daffodil, navy blue and rose pink with glitters.

Each map is made with nail art technique of marbling and then enhanced on Photoshop. First I print the map of the country on a thick paper. Then I remove the inside of the map to create a stencil. Then, I paint the inside part of the stencil with nail polish, using some marbling technique and adding some glitters. I let it dry, and remove the stencil carefully. I do a bit of editing on Photoshop to clean the map and voilà!

World Map Art with nail polish

I painted the maps of the world according to my imagination. The colours represent the atmosphere of the country or continent as I see it. There is no geographical, political, or social symbol of any sort. Share if you like :)

World Map Art Africa

Africa is a bumblebee yellow, chocolate brown and sapphire blue continent.

World Map Art USA

America is an electric violet, ruby red, apple green and butterscotch country.

World Map Art Australia

Australia is a turquoise, red wine, and coral pink country.

World Map Art Europe

Europe has intense colours of amaranth pink and peacock blue.

World Map Art Russia

Russia is sky blue and ultra pink with a lot of glitters.

World Map Art Indonesia

Indonesia is a scarlet red and royal blue archipelago.

World Map Art Antarctica

Antarctica is phthalo blue, cyan and magenta continent.

World Map Art Mexico

Mexico has vivid shades of ultramarine blue with some mahogany red and corn yellow.

World Map Art The World

The World is a rainbow place.

For Poster Printing

All of these World Map Art are available for poster printing, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want one to decorate your own nail salon shop or any other place. Thank you!