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Hope these illustrated short stories with sweet recipes will become the perfect choice of your small gifts for your kids, friends and mom.

The Princess of Jam wearing a gorgeous pink dress

Once upon a time, there was a princess who loved jam more than anything in the world. She would eat nothing but jam, in the morning and in the evening, day and night, all year round. Her royal bedroom suite and the royal kitchen were filled with a collection of the most uncommon flavours. She relished tasting a new kind of jam every day, and for this reason the whole kingdom knew her as “The Princess of Jam”.

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I make original picture book with hand made illustrations

Bonjour, I'm Orianne S.Hashimoto: illustrator, writter and translator

Have a cup of champagne and enjoy the visit! I'm a freelance French illustrator and full time traveler. I make illustrations on demand for magazines, websites and books since 2013. I specialize in  handmade fairytales, maps and cookbooks. My technique involves color pencils, nail polish and a few magic tricks. I also happen to become a mermaid sometimes and like to paint underwater.

Do you need an illustration for a special occasion? Tell me your story, and I will create the perfect wedding invitation, a custom made fairytale or a portrait for a unique present.

Languages I can do wonders in:
French (My French Comic about Japan)
Japanese (My Japanese Blog)

A bird delivering letters

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