Sophie Kukukita's Fairytale in Bali

La Gazette de Bali magazine

When you are French and you live in Bali, there is one thing you wait for every month. It is La Gazette de Bali, the only French medium in Indonesia. The magazine contains some quality articles and precious information about Bali, and is full of (French) humour. Somehow, I feel home when I read it.

Every month, I go to pick up La Gazette de Bali at Rendez Vous Doux, which is my favourite French café in Ubud, and I literally devour it. I generally use any other local newspaper for my cat’s litter, but I keep this magazine perfectly folded as a real book in my book shelf. It is not only a magazine; it is my beloved country with a Balinese flavour.

A fairy tale in a magazine

One day, Charlene Lafont, a journalist working for La Gazette de Bali, contacted me on Facebook. She had seen my illustrated Ubud map, and wanted to meet me. I was completely taken aback, and we decided to meet for an interview a few days later. I didn’t want the article to be only about me, because my boyfriend and I work as a team and I literally couldn’t do anything without him. So we went together to the interview in the Gazette’s office. We talked for an hour or so, and Charlene wrote a lovely article about my work, our couple and our life in Bali.

A few days later, the big boss contacted me to offer me a job. I was given the opportunity to work as the illustrator of La Gazette de Bali, and I was also asked to write a fairy tale about Ubud every month. I had never seen or heard about anything like this before. A fairy tale in a magazine, how is it possible? What was I supposed to talk about? A magazine is supposed to present some true facts, so how could I talk about magic or whatever my crazy imagination told me? My first article was about me, I told my story in the form of a fairy tale. How I ended up in Bali, finding my way after many adventures around the world.

Thank you again La Gazette de Bali.

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