What can kittens eat...? Our Mimpi loves chicken!

Mimpi means “dream” in Indonesian language. We named him immediately, even though we didn’t know whether is was male or female. It was love at first sight when we found this tiny kitten, and our first question was : what can kittens eat…?

Mimpi means dream in Indonesian language
Indeed, when Mimpi arrived in the house, he was very silent.
First day the little kitten came to our house
He stayed in a little black bag I used to put my raincoat in. He stared at the floor looking lifeless.
Hungry skinny kitten meowing for food
Suddenly, after 2 hours, he started meowing.
How to feed three weeks old kitten?
He was hungry! But what could we give to a kitten? He seemed to be about 3 weeks old.
A laundry bucket as a house for kitten
I put the kitten in a big bucket that I used for laundry. Then, I put a pile of shirts in it as well to keep its little body warm.
What to give to a kitten when you are a vegetarian?
Next, I read on the internet that I needed to feed the kitten with cat’s milk or meat. But being a vegetarian, there was nothing in my fridge that looked like meat, fish or cat milk.
You shouldn't give milk to a kitten
If you were wondering, you should never give cow milk to cats as it gives them stomach ache.
Delivery food for us and the kitten
I called a warung and ordered a nasi goreng ayam (fried rice with chicken).
Fried rice with chicken (Nasi Goreng Ayam)
I wanted to feed him some tiny pieces of grilled chicken mixed with water.
What you expect when you feed a kitten
This is what they recommended on the internet:
Feed the kitten delicately, because it must be very scared.”
Gimme gimme chicken kitten
The kitten wants more chicken
The kitten went crazy when he saw the chicken, and started to scream and bite my hands.
The kitten craving for more chicken
He quickly ate the chicken and almost ate the dish that came with it, too.
Happy kitten ready for tummy massage
After the little monster had eaten the chicken and almost chewed all my fingers off, I massaged his little tummy. Generally, the mother cat always massages the kitten’s tummy to help them digest their food. So I used a wet towel and cleaned it meticulously. He started to purr.
Sleeping kitten with chicken bone
Finally, he slept tightly in a pile of rags, holding a chicken bone like a teddy bear.

Thank you for reading… to be continueeeeeeeeeed!Story and illustration by Sophie Kukukita