Underwater painting

Underwater paintings by French artist Sophie Kukukita with an original technique and ideas from the sea. Check the online gallery and contact me for sale.

Underwater oil painting by French Artist Orianne Sophie Kukukita

After many attempts painting in the water, I finally found a way to make my dream to paint into the sea come true. First, I managed to stabilize myself in the sea using an 8kg weighted belt. I also bought a small easel, on which I attached 10 kg weights, plus some tiles. Despite all this lead, I still had trouble getting buoyant in the water: each time a boat passed, everything would turn upside down, including myself!

How to paint underwater

I am an illustrator who has been passionate about scuba diving and free diving for many years. The underwater world is an endless source of inspiration for me, and many times I have dreamed to take my notebook and some colour pencils to the bottom of the ocean. I admire the work of artists scuba divers like André Laban, and that’s what made me decide to try painting underwater. I think that to paint underwater could become a very cool art.

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Bonjour, I'm Orianne S.Hashimoto: illustrator, writter and translator

Have a cup of champagne and enjoy the visit! I'm a freelance French illustrator and full time traveler. I make illustrations on demand for magazines, websites and books since 2013. I specialize in  handmade fairytales, maps and cookbooks. My technique involves color pencils, nail polish and a few magic tricks. I also happen to become a mermaid sometimes and like to paint underwater.

Do you need an illustration for a special occasion? Tell me your story, and I will create the perfect wedding invitation, a custom made fairytale or a portrait for a unique present.

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